Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Whoso Sheddeth Mans Blood

Since 1987 pbk sent me a huge variety of source tapes which I combined on four track to create two tapes. Whoso Sheddeth Mans Blood was the first tape made. The first piece affirms pbk's crown as conductor of power electronic adjusting. It shoves and attacks from all sides and it is equally as abusive as it is unrelenting. The next piece has deep somber and complex electronics plus manipulated textures and sound environments which shift and struggle to coexist with one another. The third piece has vocal and electronic elements woven around each other to a variety of effects. The forth piece has perverse poetry spoken through dramatic effects alongside electronic sound environments. What follows is a rhythmic and sublime piece that is like some De Fabriek or Ice9 works. It features me in a rare appearance on bass guitar. The final piece is a vocal experiment of Grandbrother which appears next to some pbk keyboard sources for a driving and shifting composition. I have finally located this master tape after much confusion about its whereabouts, and I am proud to offer this tape in availability. Please request it!

The Man Who Would PBKing

The Man Who Would PBKing is the second work created in summer 1991. I remixed it in 1992 and the result is more dramatic and blinding than the first tape. Thick textural sound environments whirling and twisting through your speakers.

How Doth the PBK?

How Doth the PBK? from Spring 1997 features a wonderful 1985 source tape of mine smothered into some chewy 1987 pbk sources.